M Series Radio Modem

M Series Radio Modem

The M Series is a range of wireless modems designed for the transmission of data communications for SCADA, telemetry and any other information and control applications that utilize ASCII messaging techniques.


The M Series uses advanced digital modulation and signal processing techniques to achieve exceptionally high data throughput efficiency using traditional licensed narrow band radio channels. These products are available in many frequency band and regulatory formats, to suit spectrum bandplans in various continental regions. The range is designed for both fixed point to point (PTP), and multiple address (MAS) or point to multipoint (PMP) systems.

Industries and applications

The M Series products are widely used in point-topoint and point-to-multipoint (multiple access) applications for remote interconnection of PLCs, RTUs, dataloggers, and other data monitoring and control devices - including specialist utility devices (such as powerline ACRs). In addition, other applications such as area wide security and alarm systems, public information systems (traffic flow and public signage systems) and environmental monitoring systems.

Scada systems

This is where one or more centralized control sites are used to monitor and control remote field devices over wide areas. Examples include regional utilities monitoring and controlling networks over entire shires or a greater city metropolis. Industry sectors include energy utilities (gas and electricity distribution), water and sewerage utilities, catchment and environment groups (rivers, dams and catchment management authorities).

Telemetry systems

Dedicated telemetry control systems interconnecting sequential devices either where cabling is not practical or distances are considerable. Examples include:

Information systems

Public Information systems such as freeway vehicle flow, travel time monitoring, feedback signage, parking signage systems and meteorological stations etc.

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