J Series Radio Modem, JR240

J Series Radio Modem JR240

The advanced JR240 frequency hopping data radio sets the standard for industrial Ethernet data communications in the license free 2.4GHz band.


With maximum range and virtually unlimited system coverage due to its unique LinkXtend™ network bridging and KwikStream™ high speed repeater capabilities, the industrial strength JR240 is ideally suited for the most demanding Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point wireless SCADA and Telemetry applications. The highly versatile JR240 also offers dual Ethernet ports and remote diagnostics compatibility.

The JR240 radio modem combines class leading performance with unprecedented flexibility to allow cost effective implementation of even the most complex wireless SCADA and Telemetry solutions that may not have otherwise been achievable, and with unlimited expansion capability. Some of the many outstanding features which make the JR240 so unique.


Radio modem performance

Comprehensive Ethernet

Embedded web server


For the harshest environments