ER45e Radio Modem

ER45e Radio Modem

ER45e is an advanced high speed digital data radio modem providing both Ethernet and serial communications for the most complex and demanding requirements in Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint (Multiple Address Radio) SCADA and Telemetry systems.


Features such as ChannelShare™, MultiStream™, optional full-duplex operation, and flexible user configuration, make the ER45e the complete radio modem that can be used with all leading host systems and remote equipment.

Based on the highly successful Trio ER450, with full backward compatibility, the ER45e can integrate directly into existing E Series systems, providing easy expansion as well as a smooth transition from a serial based infrastructure to IP/Ethernet, and resultant savings in both time and cost.


Radio and Modem


Network Management and Remote Diagnostic


Note: Not all product features are available in every mode of operation.