E Series Radio Modem

E Series Radio Modem

The E Series professional range of data radio products are designed to provide complete system solutions for wireless data communications in a variety of industries and applications.


Wireless technology is increasingly being adopted in the fields of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), Telemetry and Distributed Information Systems (DIS). These applications require highly reliable data communications in often harsh and remote environments. E Series products have been developed specifically to satisfy the diverse requirements of these and many other demanding applications. E Series radio modems provides a complete range of fully compatible system elements including Remote Data Radio Modems, Base Stations, Repeaters, and associated ancillary products.

Trio E Series radio solutions can be rapidly deployed as a permanent or temporary alternative to cable based circuits. Cable based circuits can be costly to install and inflexible to alter. With the ever-increasing complexity of systems, radio offers the flexibility to adapt and grow.

Features and benefits

E Series data radios set a new standard for data radio, with a host of features that make them suitable for the most complex and demanding requirements. The E Series range of fully compatible equipment includes remote data radio modems together with base / repeater stations. The base / repeater stations are available in both standard and duplicated hot stand-by versions. Superior performance is achieved by the fully integrated radio, modem and data multiplexer platform common to all of the E Series data radio products. E Series products are suitable for use in Point-to-Multipoint systems and Point-to-Point links and are compatible with Trio DataCom’s M Series data radio protocols.


Data modem

The advanced technology DSP based GMSK digital data modem features error checked high data throughput speeds, giving true 19,200 bps over-the-air data rates. Two independent user configurable data ports offer maximum flexibility through:


Rapid Tx-Rx turnaround times and greater system capacity with optimized data quality is achieved with dual independent high frequency stability digital synthesizers. The highly flexible computer controlled radio is universally applicable with:

Configuration and management