CDX 800 Radio Modem

CDX 800 Radio modem

CDX 800 Radio modems from Pro4 Wireless. Suitable for SCADA, telemetry, industrial automation, remote control and monitoring and local data collecting from meters.


The radio data modem CDX 800 is a communication equipment for wireless data transmission and control. CDX 800 is designed for local radio data networks but by using relay it is possible to cover even larger geographical areas. CDX 800 modems are also equipped with I/O port so they can control some simple technology mainly in industrial sector. CDX 800 is perfect for SCADA and telemetry applications, controlling systems interconnection, data collection from various metering devices and remote control.

Over 50 protocols

CDX 800 supports more than 50 communication protocols for industrial controlling systems, metering devices and other equipment (MODBUS, S-BUS, AT modem, MBUS etc.) – it is possible to create or add protocol on request of customer.

User interface

CDX 800 is equipped with 2 communication ports: RS-232 or RS-485 and RS-232/RS-485/MBUS. The radio modem also features CIO - five signals that is possible to configure as analogue inputs, binary inputs or binary outputs (this interface could be used for data collection or technology control). Every interface can communicate by different speed and different communication protocol.

Network features

Free of charge operation (look at your locale free frequencies). With CDX 800 there is not need of direct visibility among network points, every radio data modem CDX can work as an end point and relay station at the same time. Data packet transmission by Store and Forward method and communication among random network points. CDX 800 enables fixed or automatic data packets routing in network – modems developing routing tables at the base of network traffic information. Network responds automatically while failure in transmission occurs or new station is added. Possible integration into GPRS networks, Internet etc.

Telemetry and SCADA

CDX 800 enables monitoring and dispatcher´s control of local technology in waterworks engineering, energetics, heating services, transportation and usage at water purification plants.

Industrial automation

Interconnection of control and information systems (PLC etc.). CDX 800 enables communication between moving parts of machines, production lines, portal cranes, mining machines and remote inputs / outputs. CDX 800 is a substitution of cable lines, suitable for wind power stations.

Remote control and monitoring

Remote control and monitoring of road signs, parking information boards, streetlight, process equipment in chemical industry and metallurgy, security systems in company area, wireless control of air-conditioning, air duct systems and heating in historical buildings.

Local data collecting from meters

Such as heating meters, electrometers, water meters, seismometers and loggers.