CDA 70 Radio Modem

CDA 70 Radio Modem

CDA 70 Radio Modems are robust devices for wireless data transmissions. CDA 70 handles more than 50 communication protocols.


The radio data modem CDA 70 is communication device for wireless data transmission. It is designed for creating large data networks in vast geographical areas mainly in industrial and mobile applications. The modem can be used for data collection and transmission in great number of technological processes. CDA 70 is also advantageous alternative for backing up of important points in cable networks.

Over 50 protocols

CDA 70 supports more than 50 communication protocols for industrial controlling systems, metering devices and other equipment (MODBUS, S-BUS, AT modem, MBUS etc.) – it is possible to create or add protocol on request of customer.

Network features

Low operating costs with CDA 70 – no matter the data volume. Every radio data modem CDA 70 can work as an end point and relay station at the same time and data packet transmission by Store and Forward method. Communication among random network points and fixed or automatic data packets routing in network – modems developing routing tables at the base of network traffic information. Network responds automatically while failure in transmission occurs or a new station is added. CDA 70 can be integrated into GPRS networks, Internet etc.

CDA 70 user interface

CDA 70 has 5 communication ports where every interface can communicate by different speed and different communication protocol.

  1. RS-232, optional MBUS.
  2. RS-232, optional RS-485
  3. RS-232
  4. Ethernet 10/100
  5. CIO – five signals that is possible to configure as analogue inputs, binary inputs or binary outputs.

Diagnostics and service

Full remote administration and configuration from any point of network with CDA 70. Diagnostics on VF channel and communication interfaces – detailed records stored for last 4 days. Event log (8000 records, cca 300 types of events) and software configuration of all CDA 70 modem parameters, radio channel signal level measuring, inner temperature and supply voltage measuring.