UMTS/HSDPA router UR5 interconnects large variety of equipment into Internet or intranet. Namely computers, controlling systems or LAN networks.

Discontinued model! Take a look at similar products: InRouter 7x1 Series GSM/GPRS Router and InRouter 7x4 Series GSM/GPRS Router


The UR5 Router is standardly equipped by Ethernet 10/100 and USB type A. We can also deliver version with one more port RS232/RS485/ MBUS or inputs/outputs (I/O) on request of customer. The second port enables to connect any device with above mentioned interface such as ATM, various industrial metering devices, GPS etc. by high speed UMTS/HSDPA wireless technology.

UMTS High Speed Technology

High speed technology UMTS allows to transfer data up to 384 kb/s. This is effective speed for example in picture transfer from traffic cameras (traffic density, crossroad cameras etc.) or security and surveillance sector (building control, street spotting etc.). Furthermore High Speed Downlink Packet Access technology (HSDPA) increases speed for downlink up to 3,6 Mb/s. This extra downlink speed enables even transferring video. If UMTS or HSDPA is not available UR5 switches to slower EDGE technology (up to 236 Kb/s) or GSM–GPRS (up to 85,6 Kb/s).

Large data transmission loads

The main advantages of UR5 is extra high communication speed and a short response rate thanks to UMTS/HSDPA technology. Router is designed to work in the professional applications requesting large data transmission loads in a short time interval via mobile wireless network – ideal is for all camera applications. Other benefit is a user friendly configuration using web interface (HTTP) secured by password. It means you can configure parameters of UR5 from your computer by standard web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) from all over the world.