Maestro Heritage GSM/GPRS/EDGE Modem

Maestro Heritage GSM/GPRS/EDGE Modem

Maestro can handle voice, SMS, fax and data communications. Maestro Heritage combines a fast connection with the ability to connect various expansion cards.


Maestro Heritage consists of a base with GSM / GPRS / EDGE communications in an industrial enclosure. The base unit can connect different modules depending on the user's needs, which provides a technology platform that fits many different applications.

The modular and scalable Heritage design also includes a powerful operating system that offers downloading software via the air and a series of embedded functions. Maestro Heritage is the best solution to meet different customer needs in various applications. Maestro Heritage has an open platform and optional cards that can be adapted for each application. If you need a separate card, Maestros knowledgeable staff can develop JDM and OEM solutions.

Expansion cards

For Heritage, Maestro cards can be connected according to needs. Currently there is a I/O card with 6 digital inputs and outputs available for monitoring and remote control. There is also an Ethernet card available for Heritage. During the year, a GPS card will also be introduced.

Status of the modem

Maestro Heritage has built-in diodes for RSSI signal strength so that you can see the current signal strength on the modem. There are also LEDs for indication of contact with the network, data traffic status and if the modem has EDGE contact or not. The modem has built-in bracket for DIN rail and a built-in real-time clock. The modem has a built-in watchdog chip to restart the modem if it loses contact with the network.

For all types of applications

Maestro is used primarily for data communication between different types of machines, such as the transfer of information from vehicles, operation monitoring, GPS systems, communication with the display on advertising boards and alarm systems.

General features

Temperature range: