CGU 04 is a modem for wireless communication and it works via GSM network.


The modem is easy to install and it is only dependent on the voltage range, a contact with the GSM network and a communication service of the operator. CGU 04 is used for connecting units that do not have TCP/IP communications such as navigation systems, programmable logic controllers, loggers, signboards or data loggers.

Technical Specifications

CGU 04 is build for transparent, wireless data networks, as well as small and big systems. With the GSM technology, the modem can be used in different countries without any problems. Because the product has a built-in support for different connections and communication protocols, modem is easy to adapt in short time to every application and operating environment. CGU 04 is compatible with the monitoring application AGNES which controls communication in a network.

Monitoring application

AGNES is a program that handles most communication devices manufactured by Conel, whether you are using radio or GSM. With this comprehensible program you are able to contact with any device in the system immediately.

Versatile characteristics

Each GSM modem can have up to 2 connections. 2 x RS-232 interfaces are provided as a standard, but it is also possible to order the modem with RS-485 or MBUS interface. CGU04 has more than 50 communication protocols implemented (as Modbus, Sbus, AT modem, Mbus and Profibus) which facilitates integration. Manufacturer can even implement your communication protocol in the modem. Each connection in the modem can communicate with different speeds and protocols. Modem can also be equipped with CIO, a I/O interface that can be equipped with various CIO modules. These are available as analogical inputs, binary inputs, or binary outputs. CGU 04 has voltage range of 10 -30 V and the modem weights only 150 grams. It can be operated in temperatures between -25° and 55° and it has a plastic encasement. The antenna connection is done via modem’s FME connection and the DIN adapter is delivered with every modem.

Diagnostic and service

Statistics for every modem are recorded within four days. A log file stores every possible event and it can show up to 10 000 events of 300 different types. There is also an opportunity to remote control modem by software AGNES and view the operating voltage and the internal temperature of the modem.