CGK5 GSM JAVA Communicator

CGK5 GSM JAVA Communicator

GSM JAVA communicator CGK5 is GSM-GPRS equipment for remote controlling and monitoring technology via mobile phone or from PC.


CGK5 is designed mainly for M2M communication and can be used in large various of applications according to software used inside. CGK5 is based on JAVA platform so it is possible to write your own application software into the unit. For programming you can use JAVA J2ME language. We can also create software according to your request.

CGK5 supports

The JAVA communicator supports TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and the possibility of remote software update via GSM network.

CGK5 module and interface

CGK5 consists of the SIEMENS TC65 module. The communicators interface consists of one (1) RS-232, one (1) USB-B (drivers delivered), four (4) binary inputs 3 – 30 V and two (2) relay outputs 500 mA, 30 V.


GSM key application of module CGK5 is designed for remote gates, door, barriers opening from mobile phone. It is possible to open just by ringing therefore the operation cost is ZERO. The system is completely safe – just permitted numbers stored in the unit can perform the desired tasks (administration accessible by password). CGK5 can store up to 300 permitted users and records up to the latest 1000 events. Software GSM ADMIN (for PC) gives you opportunity to manage user numbers in CGK5 from computer – good for hotels, companies etc. You have full control over access, you can check open/closed state, getting SMS messages on access, power failure and much more...

Air condition and heating control

CGK5 module is suitable for remote controlling and monitoring AC and heating in the house/cottage/company etc. Via simple SMS - for example “AC on” or “AC off” you can start/stop AC from your mobile phone. You can also send state message and to receive answer on state (AC or heating on/off). It is possible to define numbers for access and many other features.

Application examples

Gateway opening, garage door opening, moving sensors alarm, remote pump starting, AC on/off and heating on/off.