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Shanghai Iwatani Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Trade name 上海巖谷有限公司
Address Room No.18032, Hang Seng Bank Tower, 1000 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong, Shanghai
TEL:021-6881-1188 FAX:021-6881-2035
Beijing Branch 2011 Beijing Fortune Building, 5 North Dong San Huan Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing
TEL:010-6590-6078 FAX:010-6590-6083
Changzhou Branch Room No.909, Hao Yuan Tower, No. 266 Tongjiang Middle Road, Xinbei, Changzhou
TEL:0519-8333-7850 FAX:0519-8585-0317
Wuxi Branch Room 512, Building C, East Wuxi Station Railway Business Center,No.488 Cuishan Road, Anzhen Street, Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
TEL:0510-8050-2956 FAX:0510-8050-2953
Established March.29.1995
Net Sales ¥1,743,000,000 (2019)
Paid-in Capital $2,350,000
Business area Iwatani's traditional strength has been in energy, a broad sector that encompasses LPG , portable gas stoves, industrial gases such as hydrogen, and other segments. Over the years, however, the company has extended its operations into other businesses, including machinery, welding, electronic equipment, materials, and food.
(As of Jun.25.2020)

Iwatani Corporation Company Profile

Trade name 巖谷産業株式會社
Iwatani Corporation
Established May.5.1930
Incorporated Feb.2.1945
Tokyo Head Office 21-8, Nishi-shimbashi 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8458, Japan
TEL: 81-3-5405-5741 FAX: 81-3-5405-5737
Osaka Head Office 6-4, Hommachi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0053, Japan
Paid-in Capital \35,096 million. (As of Octorber.9.2020)
Net Sales ¥441.006billion (¥635.590 billion on the consolidated basis)
Number of Employees 1,306(2021.6.24)
Domestic Offices Head Offices 2
Block Branches & Branch Offices 75
Laboratory others (Iwatani R&D Center, Shiga Training Center, Biwako Conference Center)
Overseas Offices Branch Office 1
Representative Offices 5
Holding Companies 3
Trading Companies 23
Operational Companies 31
Site www.iwatani.co.jp
(As of April.1.2021)